Member Tips

30 Second Commercial

Every member and meeting guest has the opportunity to give a 30 second
commercial about her business at the beginning of each meeting.

10 things to remember about your 30-second Commercial

Contributed by: Rob Clifton, Local Area Director
Business Network International
Phone: 919-255-3052

  1. Keep it simple. Do not use your professional or technical language. It is a commercial (Infomercial).
  2. Plan your 30-second commercial the night before. Teach not tell – Write it down. Practice it. Don’t wing it.
  3. 30-second commercials are 30 seconds long or shorter, so time yourself.
  4. Focus on one specific product or service and on its benefits. Do not list all your services.
  5. Be specific about who your target client is: do not say Anyone, Someone or Anybody.
  6. Always ask to be introduced to your target client. – A specific business that gives you referrals. – A specific prospect that you call on and had no success. – A specific dream client – person or company.
  7. Ask for commitment by asking members to raise their hands if they know your request.
  8. Use Memory Hooks or your tag line.
  9. Be consistent with your message and your target client when networking for 3 weeks.
  10. Place your handouts on the Education Table. (This way they are listening to you, not looking at literature.

A Sample format to use is:

Hello, my name is _______. I’m with: _______ Did you know? __________________________ We help people/companies by: ____________ The client I am looking for is: ______________ Memory Hook: __________________________ Say your name and company name to finish.

Networking – Working the Numbers

Salespeople are often taught that sales is a ‘numbers’ game. Master Networkers have some demographic knowledge too. Use these numbers to gauge your success at an open networking event:

  1. Speak with six to ten people an hour:After a two hour open networking event check your pocket. You win if you have at least twelve, but not more than 20 business cards. If you haven’t met at least twelve people in two hours you were smoozing with friends, not networking. If you collected more than 20 cards your conversations weren’t long enough for people to remember you when you follow through with them. Speak with each person you meet for six to ten minutes. Long enough to have a conversation.
  2. Half of the people you speak with are prospects:It is unreasonable to think that you will sell your product to everyone you meet. Some people may want it, but are unable to afford it; some people may need it, but don’t want it. Know that about half of the people you speak with are prospective clients. If you have 12 cards, six of those people are waiting to hear from you. Follow through quickly.
  3. Half of the prospects are in the immediate market for your product or service:If you met 12 people, and half of them, six, are prospects, then know that half of the prospects, or three of the people you met, are in the immediate market for your product or service. If your closing rate is 50% that means you’ll net one or two new clients from the two hours you spent meeting 12 new people, and following through with each of them.

Two new clients in two hours? That’s networking success!